Sugar Free Please

Sugar Free - The Healthier Option

There has been a steady and significant increase in consumer demand for reduced-sugar products. Whether by choice or necessity, thousands of New Zealanders restrict their intake of sugar. Most people consume low sugar products to stay in better overall healthy shape, maintain weight or reduce weight. Others need to reduce their sugar intake for medical reasons such as diabetes and obesity.


Artificially sweetened foods and beverages will not replace a person's need for moderation and overall good nutrition. However, they do provide palatable alternatives which can make the difficult task of reducing sugar in the diet easier. Thus, when incorporated into a nutritionally balanced diet, these products can contribute positively to a healthy lifestyle.


As part of an overall sensible weight-control program, low calorie sweeteners can help consumers control calories and therefore control weight. For most dieters, the use of low-calorie food and beverage options is an important element of their weight-control strategy. And with the fitness craze has come an increasing number of converts to the "sugar free" market.


Consumption of most artificially sweetened products will cause only a small rise in blood glucose levels. Given this, these products are most suitable for inclusion in the diet of most people with diabetes. However, as with any modified dietary product, it is recommended that people with diabetes assess the effect of consumption of the products on their blood glucose levels to determine how much would be suitable to include in the diet.


Artificial sweeteners also do not promote dental cavities so are much better for your teeth!


Today there is a strong demand for a wide variety of good-tasting, sugar free foods and beverages. With increased knowledge about taste and technology, the food and beverage industry is on the verge of developing a wider variety of good-tasting, low sugar products to meet the growing needs and demands of consumers. A wide variety of sweeteners provides products with improved taste and texture, increased stability, lower manufacturing costs, and ultimately, more choices for the consumer. And that's good news for the growing number of sugar-conscious consumers!


The information provided in this website is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from our own research and experience.

We suggest taking responsibility for ones own diet and lifestyle, based on informed decision making. We encourage you to make your own healthy decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with qualified health care professionals.

But we think it's important that you have access to as much information on sugar and sugar free products as possible, and that's what we're aiming to provide.