Sugar Free Please

About Us

Sugar Free Please! is a small family business that was started to meet the needs of health conscious consumers.


Over time we have built up such a good database of manufacturers and product lines, that it seems a shame to not share it with others. Obviously, not all the products are suitable for everyone – diabetics will need to take into account their carbohydrate count as well as the sweetening agent, weight watchers will need to take into account their energy and saturated fat content, low carbers will need to take into the carbohydrate and carbohydrate sugars, and people with special dietary requirements may need to take into account each ingredient for suitability.


But whether you choose to cut back on sugar in your diet for weight, health or personal reasons, we are here to help and provide you with as many options as possible. We don’t have any qualifications or fancy letters after our name, but we do offer the widest range of sugar free and low sugar products in New Zealand!


I hope you enjoy using our site.